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At times in each of our lives we experience difficult moments that seem impossible to deal with alone, and we need to work through these concerns with someone we can trust. We need someone who can give us guidance, advice, or just listen to us without judging us and that is not an easy person to find, especially when those tough times come when we least expect them. With the fast-paced schedules we deal with and the money usually required for expensive therapy sessions, it's difficult to receive the help we so surely need. Many times the subject that is most oppressive to us is something we don't feel that we can openly discuss with anyone, and don't want to be in an office where we will be "known" for the trouble we're going through. Here at Peace-Joy-Love you are offered a completely confidential, personal response delivered in a timely manner.

I will respect your needs for privacy, your ability to schedule a time for counseling, and your desire to find an answer that will give you a sense of peace and joy in your life once more.

Whether you're having concerns with relationships, emotional or behavioral disorders, addictions, grief, spirituality, abuse and recovery, or your career, I can offer suggestions and advice to help you determine exactly what you need in order to once again have a healthy, positive outlook on life and the future. If it was easy to know what is troubling you, no one would ever need another to listen and help, but even if you knew the problem, it is often hard to choose the best way to move on and develop a healthy sense of being.

I offer you, in the privacy of your home or wherever you are most comfortable, an effective way to address your concerns. I really listen to what you have to say, validating your feelings and then identify the needs you have, directing you into a sense of healing and comfort that you've longed for.

Three choices of services are offered, depending on your personal needs. First, I offer an e-mail session and then a chat session, and if both parties agree a phone session is more desirable, then that can be arranged as well. In any of these sessions we want you to be empowered to make the correct life decisions that are right for you, equipping you with the resources you need to support that decision and truly make the most of what life can offer.

Several years ago I saw the benefit of using the Internet for counseling, and have been reinforced with the idea that many who should seek counseling will not for the reasons I've listed above. I assure you that you will receive your responses in a very private, confidential manner where you can feel complete safety and freedom to discuss any issue you desire. Availability to send e-mails are 24/7 so you won't be confined to a set schedule that doesn't benefit you. Insurance for such services is not needed for the affordability found here. Be advised however that this form of counseling, via the Internet, is not suitable for such severe issues as suicide or homicide or severe mental anxiety that could lead to harming another or oneself. In such a case, immediately call 911 and get help from someone in your immediate area.